Want Peace?

We all have hopefully experienced peace. We may even liked it and would like to have it in our lives, at least every now and then. Even though the world we built, or allowed to be built, is based on conflict. Conflict or war is of course hindering growth, but it serves to distract and to keep everyone busy. How could you tend to your rose garden if you have to worry about the invading forces of Bullshikisthan or the Mumbullah believers or the Chintorellos? (yes, these are all made up, just like the “enemies” of certain Western countries).

Say What Needs to Be Said

Well, gardens require time and attention. Otherwise weed will grow in them, just random stuff. Your heart is a garden and you are the most fertile soil and your intents are the seeds. Find the ones you like and plant those in your heart and water them. Pay attention to pulling out and composting plants you do not want. Plants are energy and energy is never wasted, it merely flows elsewhere. If fact you are energy.

We’ll not find peace. we must become peace. Create space inside ourselves. A glass half full or half empty is useful, in it there is space for new. So never argue about what kind of person you are, no one will ever understand you, only you. Instead let your action speak, let your handshake give and receive information and let your heart, through a hug, blow away the nuclear winter in others.

So peace. How can you be peaceful when the enemy is on the doorstep? Mustn’t you arm yourself to repel their attack? My question is to those who ask me this questions is: how long have you been living in and generating conflict before you noticed that peace is possible? Can you undo all those years of fear, emptiness and despair with symbolic gestures? Can you retrain a finger which, for decades, nervously trembled on the trigger to caress the a child’s face or to care for an animal? Sure you can, but it requires love, ongoing effort and attention.

So, I do not know what to do with the enemy at your gates. You spent a long time antagonising people, including yourself. You became good at it, so you may find it hard to get out of that habit. Or you may just find it challenging, but possible. I do not need gates, walls or shields. I build bridges, I open my doors and I smile at people I meet. Not strangers. No one is a stranger. They may look funny or unusual, but to them you might be the same. In fact you are the same. Your bodies are made up of the same particles and energies. So how could we be strangers?

I am still waiting to meet someone who would be able to convince me that the kiss of a human being of any kind would taste so different or making love to someone from a different part of this planet would be so alien that I would feel impossible to do it. I am sure the soldiers of the invading army in Vietnam found it hard to not find at least some North Vietnamese people attractive. I am convinced that once the funny clothes, gestures and holy books are disregarded humans could tear down the walls in Palestine or would not allow it to be built between Mexico or those north American, not so united, states.

We must realise peace is not the absence of war. Health is not the absence of observable symptoms. It is impossible to become peace by trying to find out what is it not. So take a deep breath and think “breathing in I smile, breathing out I relax, this is a beautiful moment” (Thích Nhat Hanh). There it was, a moment of peace. It is that easy, so keep at it. Practice makes perfect.