Unprocessed god (raw life)

Is it possible that we take and use something as it is, without processing, modifying or interpreting it? Is it possible to take a bite out of the raw life? To really mean and eat what we are, we better simplify.

Open up any “holy” book and you shall find definitions, commandments, laws, interpretations, but not life itself. Words become coloured glass, through which we interpret, label and look at life. This includes our thoughts, feelings and food.

If I bite into an apple I do not want to taste wax, pesticides and other artificial stuff. I am happy with an ugly, but healthy fruit. I am happy washing the soil off of a vegetable and cutting it up myself, biting into it and consuming life in a raw, organic form. Of course after years of eating the perfectly red supermarket tomatoes, the canned beans and other processed, manipulated and fake foods I had to re-train my taste buds to be able to enjoy life unsweetened.

It seems necessary to re-train our hearts to be able to see straight and feel right, after years of being bombarded with processed, colured and sweetened tv-shows, radio programs and printed garbage, lacking of spirituality, love or real feelings. It may well be hard to read a whole book from cover to cover, after years of consuming designer news and soap operas.

Nothing worth doing is easy at first or to put it another way “if you can you can’t, if you can’t you must” (John Grinder). So what would you give for a heart that cannot be fooled or a mind which is still, light and creative? Are you ready to interact with another human being without your masks and shields, to be vulnerable, sensitive and honest? Start by turning off all the unnecessary things in life. Things which dissipate your energy, drain your creativity or numb your sensitivity.

You know best who you are, so pay respect to yourself and be honest. The temptations to want to be something else than what you are will always be there, so will the faint voice which will remind you who you are and what you need to do.

So simplify: instead of a facebook message call a friend, instead of an email sit down to talk, instead of hinting, suggesting or lying communicate directly and honestly. Look at a dog wanting love and if you have to imitate the directness until you find your own way. Just start being yourself and stop acting.

This time really mean what you are saying and communicate clearly. Build a new you, right now. Right food, right environment, right job. Be simple and ask what is the next best thing I can do RIGHT NOW?