The Wrong Question

How is it possible that on some levels our consciousness evolves fast while on others it is far behind? We started noticing the suffering of other human beings yet on the other side we stuff pieces of another sentient being in our mouths. It is simply possible by asking the wrong question.

When we were born we were only aware of our own existence and perhaps another, the one who gave us milk. Then as we started growing up we slowly noticed other similar beings, who were the members of our family and were our friends. We recognised that they were similar so we started caring about them. This may included pet animals.Later on in our lives our conditioning began. Our family, teachers, preachers and politicians told us that we are great and we should be proud and that there are others not so great like us. Then we started drawing our own conclusions. If we are great and proud, we can look down upon others. We can take their stuff, kill them or if we wanted to be a bit more subtle we could just force our values onto them.

Then we were led to believe that we were created equal, but only if others met a certain criteria. If they believed in the same values and/or imaginary friend(s). We were led to believe that there are races within the species we are all part of. We were bamboozled, hoodwinked by so called leaders of all shapes, sizes, gender and colours. We were told that we must obey, believe and do as we were told otherwise we will perish.

We were told it is bad to steal from your friend, family and that it is necessary to pay taxes otherwise we would be stealing from the government. We were told by shock-jocks on the radio, so called journalists in the newspapers, televangelists on television what we must think and how we have to interpret the world. We were put to sleep with blood on our lips and poison in our minds.

We were raised by ignorant others who said we should have a cat or a dog and should care for them, but should have left the dinner table without eating cooked pieces of dead animals you were punished. We were never shown where the meat came from. We were never told what happened in the slaughterhouses, zoos, aquatic shows, circuses and jails.

Hell I draw a parallel between the way we treat most of our best friends. We cling on to this outdated idea that you can own another living being. I can remember Dred Scott fighting for his own freedom against members of his own species. Yes, this was acceptable and was called slavery. Owning another living being, claiming to be the master of another’s life and death. When we can’t even take control of our own lives. So if we slowly recognised it is not OK to drag other people around by a chain around their necks, what is the difference when we do this to dogs? If we now look down upon ancient empires who forced humans against their will to kill each other in an arena what is so different about us killing bulls, whales, dolphins for fun? How is it different when you keep your dog locked up in your apartment for 23 hours a day then taking them for a walk for an hour from the way we treat people in jails???

These are better questions. These questions can lead to other questions… So ask them, of yourself!