Si vis pacem, para bellum 1

How an earth are we to live in peace in a world where there is conflict, doubt and self-assertion? Which peace is more important: the world-peace or the peace in one’s heart? Should we wait until the world around us settled down before we sort ourselves out?

Si vis pacem, para bellum

A war is coming. There are troops moving everywhere. The cloud artilleries are ready to unleash their roaring thunders and strike the earth below. Neptune’s army is standing by to sweep across the lands. The scorching rays of the Sun are ready to burn everything in their way. Unseen forces under the surface of the earth are preparing to shake the mountains and valleys. Humans are cowering, when there is nowhere to hide.

Our bombs will not stop the oceans, although we can kill everything in the lungs of the planet with our fishing nets and whaling fleets. Our troops can destroy each other and the forests with chainsaws and bulldozers, yet will stand no chance against a tornado. We can conjure up new and improved ways to kill and destroy during the big “research” called war. In the same time our minds can imagine and create luscious rain-forests, oceans overflowing colourful life and spaces far beyond sight filled with sentient beings.

To secure peace is to prepare for war. But this time really twist your mind and kick yourself off the usual beaten tracks of thinking. If we are to be ready to be peaceful, what is the need for weapons? If I am readying myself to shake your hand, I cannot hide my hate behind a shallow smile. You will see through me in a heartbeat. What are we to do then? Where is the war we must win then, before we can live in peace?

That war will be swift and silent. No one will hear the cannons, the bombs, the tanks. No one besides you. As you raise your banner and lance and look around you will see no enemy. As you scan the horizons you will see no movement. As you go into the forest you will find no hidden traps. As you look into the lake you will only find your own reflection. Your quest for war has numbed your senses to notice the world around you.

You will find this war the hardest because it will require you to do something you have not done before. Surrender. You are facing an enemy you cannot defeat. You can only destroy it, yourself. While you are growling in anger and pulling the chain of the war beast ready to unleash it, you only suffocate yourself.

So you reaised all this, but what are you going to do with the beast on the chain, you are trying to rule? What are you going to do with your old self, the angry, frustrated, fearful you? Are you just going to leave it at a shelter so somebody else can adopt it or it can be “humanely” put down later, just like an unwanted christmas puppy on new years day?

How can we abandon part of ourselves and live? So why even try? What about taming ourselves? What about starting with the “smallest” step of accepting ourselves for what we are and go from there? So I wake up in the middle of the day and I see myself and feel loved. I have tried it and loved it! (Please excuse the pun)

We are readying ourselves to live with others. We start by loving ourselves then extend this love to others: humans, animals and the rest of the world. If we love everyone, then we do not have to look for the love of our lives in pubs or on dating websites. We can just choose someone we like. How good is that!? It is simple. This is not alternative way to live. This is peace.

So what’s your battle plan?