Marketing that helps

Are we sensitive? Are we being desensitised by the world we created for ourselves? Is it necessary to be sensitive?

Marketing that helps

To be sensitive is being capable of sensing things. We all are sensitive. In the same time we all are desensitised because we choose not to have “feelings”. It is too much to see suffering printed on the front page of every newspaper, just to sell advertisement. Those poor, blind, malnourished orphans dying in a landmine infested godforsaken country, abandoned by the UN, only not forgotten by well-paid “volunteers” collecting donations. Well that is hard, but it is not reality.

On our way to work we pass by advertisement: giant posters, bus shelters, t-shirts, bumper stickers. We may read a few but on the long run we choose not to pay attention. I don’t feel the need to have a new watch because Leonardo DiCaprio or Cameron Diaz is holding it and suggesting I will be like them if I had it. On a side note I do feel it is unnecessary for a successful actors to whore themselves out for money (thanks Bill).

Do you feel that you long to be in relationship with other people? Relationship of many different intensities. Some of people are friends or lovers, some are associates, others acquaintances. We thrive in human relationships, cherish the company of friends, like minded humans. Do you share this feeling?

I do not feel that a booze advertisement should try to manipulate us into believing if we drink we will have friends. Maybe they will be our friends for a reason or a season. This is why I felt strange when at a funeral of a tragically killed young man most of the stories related to him and other people being drunk and having a “good time”. I am not condemning consumption of alcohol, but the exclusivity of good times being associated with being intoxicated. I feel that “friendship” based on the common experience of distorted perception of reality is not a real relationship.

I take full responsibility for not helping the economy by the lack of my continuous consumption. Have you discovered that a newly acquired gadget, jewellery or other thing will only cause momentary pause in your yearning for the new? Have you thought about other ways to find new? How about taking a deep breath and discovering new tastes in the air? Or opening your eyes in the morning and seeing new colours in the “dull” nature scene right outside your window? You can find it anywhere. You do not need to jump on the next must have air fair “deal” and eat the airline “food” on the way to get to new parts of the world. I risk saying it, but you can create a new world right were you are now.

Do you remember your first steps, the first friend, the first kiss? How did that make you feel? Did it cost anything? Would you be able to share the feeling? Would it still make you smile?

So what advertisement would you like to see?