I would like to make a complaint 2

How many times have we uttered these words to express dissatisfaction with a product or a service? How many times we tried to resolve the issue some other way? We can look for a resolution, an alternative. We could try to turn a blind eye over a shortcoming or a defect. But sometimes we need to do more…

Say What Needs to Be Said

Source: lightbringer.co

At 09.12 on 11 December 2013 I dialed 0262799244, the phone number of the Japanese Embassy in Canberra. I asked to speak with the cultural attache or some other person about the killing and enslavement of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. The lady who answered the call said she would take my complaint. She did not need to ask if I was calling for information, updates or any other reason. She knew I was calling to complain.

I was not calling about a cultural issue or a tradition. I was not calling for the visa requirements, having just been returned from Taiji I had no need for that. I was calling about the killing and enslavement of the dolphins I witnessed in

I was and still am outraged and deeply saddened by the conduct of the dolphin killers and the so called dolphin trainers who are literary up to their neck in the blood of dolphins as well.

I asked my friends to call the Japanese Embassy and say what needs to be said. There are two main point to our calls. One is that we have recognised the dolphins as highly intelligent and sentient beings and equal to humans. The other one is that to kill or enslave the dolphins is unacceptable to us humans. It appears this has not been understood by them yet.

The Japanese government and the people of Taiji are well aware of our opposition. I do not know what they are hoping for. Since the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the movie The Cove exposed what is happening in Taiji more and more people are aware and express their disapproval of the mass slaughter and enslavement of dolphins in Taiji. This attention will not fade, it will only increase.

You may ask what would one phone call achieve? Or what would thousands of calls achieve? Or what would the constant presence of the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians and other animal right activists in Taiji would achieve? Or what would our boycott of Sea World and other place where dolphins and other animals are kept as slave would achieve? Or what would us wearing t-shirt, putting stickers on our cars, distributing fliers protesting what is happening in Taiji would achieve? I think you already have the answer…

In Taiji or in our homes we must face that we cannot save every dolphin, whale, seal or shark. But that does not mean we should not even try!!! The mightiest rivers began their journey as a tiny streams, consisting individual drops of water. These drops of water grow in numbers and become a force to be reckon with, which can sweep away cities or bring life to the deserts.

We may choose to lock ourselves in a limiting life-style or surround ourselves with walls of prejudice, self-hate or doubt. We may choose to enslave ourselves this way for a while. But to force other sentient beings, human or non-human, to slavery, subject them to torture by confining them to small concrete pools and only allow them a fraction of the movement they require, to force them to watch their family members being killed in front of them, to force feed them frozen dead fish they would normally never eat, laced with antibiotics and tranquilisers is NOT OK!

So get your phone and call 0262799244 and tell them what you think, express yourself, release your energies and join the movement. Let the river grow and overflow with love and compassion to sweep away ignorance and hate. For yourself and the rest of us.

Thank you!