Hurt people hurt people

On a small scale this means a boy or a girl gets upset when someone does something which they can’t deal with, and carry this hurt with them. The next stage is projection onto others such as bullying or hitting someone, burning ants with a magnifying glass, torturing a cat or dog or other animals. The person with the perceived loss of personal power seeks to regain it, but from a wrong source.

Hurt People Hurt People

“Getting even”. If I feel I lost my power I can blame others for taking it and go with this mindset by trying to take power from others. I would likely to end up causing a whole lot of “collateral damage”, since I can’t take it from the person(s) whom I “lost” it to. The reason is because I never lost it. No one can take my power from me and only I can give it away or waste it. This is what is not being understood.

You are your own authority, without titles, funny wigs or gowns, silly suits and slave ties, without a luxury car, palace, coat of arm or company logo. You are powerful and you are not using your power effectively. You allow part of you to be manipulated, tortured and suppressed. You call this the ego, the subconscious and many other names and you pay no respect to it and you continue to pay the price for it.

You want to get rid of your ego, you want to be selfless and not think of yourself first, you hate your ego for coming up with all sorts of desires. You hate part of you and through that you hate yourself. You cannot get rid of your ego, it is part of you and there is nothing wrong with your ego and nothing wrong with you. You are perfect. Your actions may not reflect it, but there is nothing wrong with you.

So if you are perfect begin by deeply and completely loving and accepting yourself. Just the way you are. You say, how could you accept yourself when you have done so and so when you are so and so. There goes your power, there goes your energy, being focused on what you do not want, what you want to get rid of. The Huna says “energy flows, where attention goes”. If you focus on trusting yourself you become trustworthy, if you focus on loving yourself you are loving others, through your oneness with the rest of the world. You are made up of the same matter and energy as the stars after all.

You cannot get rid of the ego, you cannot lose it, just like you cannot loose weight. Your think you want to loose weight, but the weight is you, your body will panic for wanting to “loose it” and will protect itself from you. The ego is you, part of you to be precise. You cannot loose you. In fact the mere idea of loosing your ego is made up by the ego. Crazy isn’t it?

The ego is not the enemy, you are not the enemy. Others are not the enemy either, because there is no I (Bruce Lee). There is only Life and we are part of it. You may call it god/universe whatever. You are part of it, but you are not it. You are not god/universe, you are merely a small conscious part who separated him/herself from the rest, by the illusion of false grandeur, by the illusion of belonging to false construct such as nations/religions/political isms, things outside yourself.

You are hurting yourself and, with the understanding of the above, you are hurting others. So stop, drop and roll, break your old way of thinking. Instead every morning look in the mirror and make peace with the one looking back at you. First just stay there and let the thoughts, judgements and so on go, be blown away like a cloud in the wind. Keep looking into your eyes. Then smile a little. Once you are comfortable say, “I deeply and completely love and accept myself just the way I am”. Say it and mean it. Keep looking into your eyes and maintain the smile. Finally say, “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” Once you got comfortable say this out loud.

Repeat every morning and have a good life!

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