How to stop a punch? 2

I am bamboozled by the stupidity of the response we conjured up to alcohol (a drug) fueled violence and the resistance of the drug (alcohol) dealers. The drug dealers are saying early lockouts, the cutting of trading hours will be ineffective, but it will wither away their profit. They are saying it is not their fault, they are only cashing in on this so called “culture” of binge drinking. They merely supplying what is in demand.

Say What Needs to Be Said

And they are right, they are telling a partial truth…

It is not to say they have no part in this and are innocent, because they are far from it. The person who captures dolphins in Taiji just because there are environmental criminals willing to pay for captive dolphins has no excuse for their own cruelty. A person who sells weapons to a war torn country because of the demand for those weapons cannot be acquitted of charges of war crime. But there is more to it.

The NSW Premier and his spin-doctors came up with a battle plan against alcohol fueled violence. Banning of the use of glassware after midnight, stopping the sale of alcohol 30 minutes prior to closing time, free night ride buses, more police on the streets, increased penalties for assaults are in their arsenal. These are all parts of their half-assed masterplan to combat this issue. Can we blame them for this piss weak response???

I mean they are proposing a solution which would please a society hell-bent on sticking to the schooner glasses, getting drunk on every weekend, every public holiday, every family gathering, every sporting events, every time after a “hard” day at work. Barry O-Farrell and his cohorts are living up to our standards. We should thank them for their efforts and for a job well done. We could not have come up with a better solution!!!

Or could we? We keep blaming the politicians, the police, the hoteliers and bar owners and anybody we can think of. It is their fault after all, they are not doing enough. They should do more. It is not us who should change, because we have the “right” to consume drugs (alcohol, cocaine, sugar, caffeine and so on). As long as we or people we know are not the victims it is all well and good.

This is the voice of “reason” on the streets. We may shed some crocodile tears for an unfortunate victim of a senseless assault, but we quickly return to our beloved drinking containers because the footy and the cricket is on. After all we earned the right to drink, we are older than 18, so shut up and man up. We voted for this and raised our glasses to this.

Are we really happy with this solution? Can we come up with a better plan? Should we find new scapegoats or should we do something differently. Why is the problem not going away? We have tried everything!!! Except taking responsibility and real action. Except realising that the world looks different through the bottom of a beer glass than through bandage and pain.

How can we talk about peace on our streets when we keep arming ourselves with intoxicating and mind altering substances? How can we say we just want to wind down after a day of hard work when we have no idea how and where to stop “unwinding”? It is like a kid disassembling a mechanical clock without knowing what to do with the spring, how to stop it once its released.

It is time to count our blessings and our drinks while we can. It is time to take responsibility and be part of the solution, not the problem. I can have one less drink and so can you…