How to “retain” your sanity

We have seen dolphins die. In the same time hundreds and thousands of people died all over this marvelous planet. Some died because of hunger, some were killed by the most extreme form of “research” called war. We could not stop any of this from happening. We were there to do what we could and that we did.

Heart Mind Sanity

I do not know what else you have seen in your life. I have seen people in all sort of situations, some of the were not moving any more, they were dead. Some because of blood loss or other injuries, some just because they gave up. Some of them had visible injuries, some had invisible wounds and scars. There is nothing I can do to change what happened to them. There is nothing you can do to change what happened. We can only change what is happening now!

The friendly smiling fat fella (Buddha) taught not to be attached to the outcomes, just do. This way we are not dependent on things to come in order to be happy. Instead of waiting for external circumstances to be favourable we can CREATE our own happiness. By changing our own attitude.

We need to realise our own limitations. We need to see where we are, who we are. Clearly and honestly. It is the beginning of everything, just like running a marathon begins by taking the first step. This is sobering and liberating. This is by no means disheartening or saddening.

I know what I can do and I do what I can. even if I do not, I can still live with the consequences. This is beyond any ideas, any conditioning by family, friends or society, this is beyond banality. This is “what is”.

We, (humane) humans are more receptive to sadness. I am not talking about crying after watching a romantic movie. I am talking about being sensitive, being able to sense. Everything. We can choose to absorb what is around us or allow it to flow past us or through us without being caught up in it, swept up by it. It will influence us, but we can choose how much influence it will have on us and what we will do with this influence.

Influence can inspire, motivate to do more, to be different. Influence can also push us towards sadness, feeling hopeless or melancholic. Our freedom to decide is the only strength we need.

This is how one can “retain” one’s sanity.

That is a warrior’s way. A warrior who may be a guardian of the fire in a family home or a guardian of coves… It matter not!