Defense Forces Invading Other Countries

In light of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Pamela Anderson and others raising funds for the Israeli Defense Force we need to examine what is going on during the war of words. The Israeli Defense Force so far invaded and occupied the West Bank, much of the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip and according to the UN the occupation is illegal. It also led to the death of thousands of Palestinians with even more losing their houses and livelihood. In the meantime the Australian Defense Force is continuing to be involved in the air strikes in Northern Iraq and other areas. A bit far from Australia one might think.

Say What Needs to Be Said

Of course the flavour of the last two decades was to blame everything on terrorism. Of course government sponsored terrorism may be OK, as long as it was authorised by a man in a suit, even if it is the approval or even the knowledge of the country that man in the suit claims to rule or lead. The French secret service sunk the Rainbow Warrior, the CIA owned up to the bombing of Cubana Flight 455 as well as the terror attacks in Iran during Operation Ajax and there is more and more details are surfacing about Operation Gladio during which several governments sanctioned terrorist attacks were carried out such as the Bologna train station bombing in 1980. You just have to dig deeper than accepting the first hit in a commercial and heavily censored search engine such as G00gl3.

We are being told terrorists are dangerous. But one man’s terrorist can be another’s freedom fighter. The occupying German forces in Yugoslavia could certainly label the partisans terrorist, but the people who they occupied might have disagreed. Nelson Mandela was labeled a terrorist by the white supremacists ruling elite in South Africa. The USA supported the Mujahideens in Afganisthan as well as the Contras in Nicaragua, which could be called state sponsored terrorism. So how do we know who is a terrorist, when we are 5000 meters above the ground, only looking through the targeting camera of a bomb or missile? Everyone looks the same. Look, that ant is looking like he is carrying weapons of mass destruction, lets bomb him. Bang! Oh no, it was only some dirt on the lens of the camera. Sorry.

Some may say it is OK to bomb a hospital or a school, as it will stop those kids born with a different skin colour, religion or on the wrong side of a border, from becoming terrorists. The question then is: what would be the difference between “them” and “us”. In fact what is the difference between them and us? The leaders of western countries want to plant democracy in the desert and believe that the little plant should be watered with the blood of the locals or that after the wars they are entitled to the blood of the earth (aka oil). Have we asked those people if they even need it? Democracy has not even been implemented in our countries.

Another historical argument for war is to civilise the enemy. But being civilised the way we are, industrialised & dehumanised and departed from the path of nature, is not so much an achievement. We choose to worship shiny objects such as a digital watch with built-in GPS or the soul fragments of Steve Jobs, but it does not make us cool or even happier, as it was pointed out by Mr Douglas Adams. Perhaps because we have a different idea about being civilised. An example of that is when the western historians call Attila, the Hun a “barbarian”. Interestingly enough Attila did not destroy the Christian Rome when he had the chance. That dude seemed to have read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, just like those dudes at West Point or at the Wall Street, but unlike them he did not destroy his opponents, but allowed them join him and he even offered places in his army or in his court. That of course is not well publicised and I will let you figure out why.

At the end of the day civilization is paper thin and when the “liberating” and the bombings end the surviving human beings still need food, clothing, shelter and love. We are increasingly leaning on each other for that when we collect money for other, lesser fortunate humans, looking less and less at the governments for help. This is good, this is democracy. If the system does not work lets abandon it and let it collapse. At the end of the day we sure can live without politicians and businessmen, but we certainly cannot live without farmers, nurses, firefighters or teacher, just to mention a few.

We must not subscribe to the view of the privileged, who went to exclusive private schools we must not accept that the poor, the drug addicts are responsible for their own destiny or that they should have gone to school. We need to be patient with our own folks (family, friends, lovers/haters, homies, countrymen and women and ultimately every human being). Instead of an angry outburst of carpet bombing, which would further alienate us, a dialogue can be had. Of course we do not need governments to do just that, we just need a few willing participants from each country (or other less unnatural geographical region of this planet) to begin a global dialogue, which contrary to popular belief is not two people talking.