Corporations killed Jesus

In a certain holy book a beautiful (and perhaps fictitious) person was killed and while he was being nailed to a cross he only felt compassion and love for the people who were killing him. On another occasion Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple and accused them of turning the temple into a den of thieves, through their commercial activities. According to some he may have even used a whip. Today Jesus would be shot dead by an assassin hired by the big banks & corporations and the government would legalise his murder and would call Jesus a terrorist, who caused job losses.

Giotto: Expulsion of the Money-changers from the Temple

Sounds funny? Not when you look at today’s news. I have noticed for a while when we refer to various governments made up of various politicians from various parties we don’t feel the need to differentiate between them by naming their (alleged) political affiliations. We just call them the government. Is it that we subconsciously understand that once those various politicians get to be the government they lose or severe ties with the community in favour of big business? Or is it that we are so tired after working all day to pay off the mortgage, the credit cards, the personal loans and the likes that we cannot be bothered? While one point of view calls for action the other; where we are tired, disinterested or apathetic; threatens our survival as community.

I am confused here. What should we do? Should we hold our other cheek out so corporate criminals could smack us or spit us in the faces or should we pick up the whip??? The cheek holding, when you go to vote just to be laughed at by the same politicians and corporations regardless of who you vote for, does not seem to work. The situation seem to push us towards building barricades and stockpiling Molotov cocktails. Unless we wake up and start creating our own world, while disregarding the ruling elite and status quo.

See, Jesus would be fined and arrested just like Arnold Abbott, a 90 years old Human, who was cited/arrested three times for feeding the homeless in Fort Lauderdale. Jesus would have to get a permit from the council to preach to the masses and would be forced to take out a public liability insurance, just like the dude who started the “Free Hugs” campaign in Sydney. The NSW government would mobilise 700 police officers against Jesus if he would join the Lock the Gate Alliance, but the same government would not allocate the same amount of resources to combat white collar organised crime or violent robbers, even though the latter harms our society far more than people who want to protect the(ir) land from being pumped full of toxic chemicals (aka fracking).

Must we wait for a new law to be passed which would tell/allow us to organise ourselves and solve our own problems? We can build homes for the homeless (or more appropriately “houseless” people, as they were aptly called by George Carlin) just like in Madison, Wisconsin. The Lakota people stood up against the Keystone XL pipeline and called it “an act of war against our people”. The Senate, at least for now, rejected the pipeline, but this is just merely a battle won in a long war between the people and TransCanada, the corporation that wants to build the pipeline. God knows (excuse the pun) how the fighting will end, but it already united the traditional custodians, the farmers, the conservationists and the urban residents to protect this magnificent continent and now the artists are doing their bit in the Enmore Theater to support the Lock the Gate alliance!

Funnily enough governments are allegedly elected to serve the people, real persons, but seem to like serving corporate entities better, who have legal standing, unlike animals, who are at least alive. So what can you do? Look out for each other, take part in your local politics, start the clean up and the organisation in your street. We’ll meet in the middle!!!