Control 1

What are our feelings in relation to this word: control? Is it good or bad, is it oppressive or liberating? Let’s find out.

When we are reading a newspaper and see the word control we often see it in relation to the government or other authority seeking to increase their power and limit someone else’s liberty. But control can be different.

When are we in control? The first answer may be when we do what we want. But if we listen to outside influences such as advertisement then we believe we have to indulge ourselves with alcohol, processed carbohydrates such as sweets and chocolate, opiates such as cheese and heroin or we have to drive a big, thirsty car, regardless of the effect on our budget or the environment. But are we doing what’s good for us? Sure we are temporarily satisfying a craving, but there will always be a new “must have” product, so this is never ending. Do we realise we are actually doing what others want us to do? Are we really in control then?

If we know we need certain nutrients to be healthy but don’t like a taste of the food containing those nutrients because our taste buds are used to the “taste” of processed food and flavour enhancers, what can we do? If we know that strawberry is loaded with vitamin C but it does not taste as good as a sugary ice cream at first, can we control our experience of it and start to like it because we know it’s good? Can we control our experience so the real enjoyment comes from within? Just like when we enjoy ourselves regardless of the weather.

We can control what we put in our bodies. By denying entry to the bad stuff and allowing free passage to the good. Refusing to cave in to outside influences and listening to our bodies, now this is real control. How many times have we promised never to eat this or that food which tasted soooo good when we ate it, but gave us an upset stomach later? Were we in control when we ate that thing or did we just give in to an impulse?

When we do what is best for us we are in control. All I outlined here is just a slightly different way to think. Nothing changed outside, the influences will still be there, but how we rate those influences will make the difference. This change in the way we look at the world requires no time, just practice to stay in control.

Self-control means you become your own authority and you set yourself free of outside influence.

So how will you take control of your own life?