Want Peace?

We all have hopefully experienced peace. We may even liked it and would like to have it in our lives, at least every now and then. Even though the world we built, or allowed to be built, is based on conflict. Conflict or war is of course hindering growth, but it serves to distract and to keep everyone busy. How could you tend to your rose garden if you have to worry about the invading forces of Bullshikisthan or the Mumbullah believers or the Chintorellos? (yes, these are all made up, just like the “enemies” of certain Western countries).

Say What Needs to Be Said

Well, gardens require time and attention. Otherwise weed will grow in them, just random stuff. Your heart is a garden and you are the most fertile soil and your intents are the seeds. …

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Defense Forces Invading Other Countries

In light of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Pamela Anderson and others raising funds for the Israeli Defense Force we need to examine what is going on during the war of words. The Israeli Defense Force so far invaded and occupied the West Bank, much of the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip and according to the UN the occupation is illegal. It also led to the death of thousands of Palestinians with even more losing their houses and livelihood. In the meantime the Australian Defense Force is continuing to be involved in the air strikes in Northern Iraq and other areas. A bit far from Australia one might think.

Say What Needs to Be Said

Of course the flavour of the last two decade were to blame everything on terrorism. Of course government sponsored terrorism may be OK, as long as it was authorised by a man in a suit, even if it is the approval or even the knowledge of the country that man in the suit claims to rule or lead. The French secret service sunk the Rainbow Warrior, the CIA owned up to the bombing of Cubana Flight 455 …

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Bandage over insult

I had enough of a lot of things!!!

I had enough of people who kick and thread on others then believe it is enough to burp out an “apology” to make it right. They believe that the “sorry band aid” will cover the deepest wounds they inflict, with their razor sharp tongues and ill intentions. The wounds which so precisely severed the arteries of the others, by founding the gaps between the plates of the armour of others, covering their weakness, doubts and pain. How could one believe that by aiming for a soft spot and meaning the worst for the other they could get away from that battle actually stronger, not just feeling a false taste of a fleeting “victory”???


I had enough of people pretending to know nothing to manipulate others. I had enough of not regarding the other to say “please”, instead of “can you?” or “it would be great if” …

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National Security 2

I do not feel safe. I think we need to spend a whole lot more resources to make me feel safe. I acknowledge that there are inherent dangers in the XXI. century, but I believe my fears are well founded. It is a matter of security. It is the matter of security of the area where we live, our values and our freedoms. It is not national security, it is a matter of Community Security. These things are not compatible.

Community Security

Source: Sentient Monkey

Thinking in artificially created groups or inorganic organisations (aka international or transnational corporations) will surely endanger Community Security. Even the idea of national security will most certainly create barriers between various groups of humans. National security will create “us” and “them”, where “us” must always outgun “them”. …

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A snowflake in the fire 1

I imagine walking in to Sydney airport and I seeing a group of people with the glasses, sitting on the lounges all over the terminal, reading books and holding drinks or talking among themselves. These people would be activists who support a the man who is currently in exile at the Moscow airport. Some of them could get so used to this situation or are so deeply sympathetic with the man in Moscow, that they practically could live there, while catching every bit of information available about that man and waiting for further revelations about other attempts to erode physical freedom by any government.


The most wanted man who merely liberated some data held in a computer is not a war criminal …

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Addicted & sentenced

We may think ourselves superior to addicts, since we are not addicted to the same things as they are. We may not be addicted to heroin or alcohol, but we certainly have a lot in common with them. If we have a look at “them” and “us” we can clearly see that there are more than striking similarities. Let’s examine them!


So, we both need air, food to live, we both were born to a mother and the father, the blood in our veins is red, although it may contain different substances, and believe it or not, we both need love. Furthermore …

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Demanding love and respect 3

The parents yell at their child, “As long as you live under my roof you have to respect me”. During another argument someone says, “I did all these things for you and this is how you show your love and appreciation?” But what is the real issue here???


Nothing is sacred, so we might as well get our sharpest knife and cut right to the bone… Let’s make no assumptions and see where we are with this “love and respect” issue. We (believe) do so much for our loved ones or friends and get nothing in return. …

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When the mind feels its existence is threatened, it uses its self-defense mechanisms to protect itself from the threats. We want to go even further, we try to prepare ourselves for the future threats, hurts and so on. We do our “best” to try to survive, no matter what is the cost: our relationships with other beings (human or non-human), our feelings or even clarity of thought.

Spiritual Elasticity

What are we really doing? What is the reason for all this and the result of all this? Is it even proper to react to images of the possibilities before they become actualities? …

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Si vis pacem, para bellum 1

How an earth are we to live in peace in a world where there is conflict, doubt and self-assertion? Which peace is more important: the world-peace or the peace in one’s heart? Should we wait until the world around us settled down before we sort ourselves out?

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Source: Flickr

A war is coming. There are troops moving everywhere. …

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A death you own

f someone’s father has just died we say that “his/her father’s death” did this or that to that person. When we are saying that do we mean that his/her father actually owned his death? Is it the same as “my life” or “your life”? Is it that we claim a slice of the big Life and we believe it to be ours and by using the same point of view we think we own death?

How we live “our” life defines “our” death or “My lifestyle determines my deathstyle” …

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