I advocate the use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), because it protects you from being forced to use a particular file format such as Micro$oft doc/docx and your privacy from corporations who treat your data, which is stored on your computer, as theirs. FOSS gives you the right to use and even modify the software, which is called the GNU General Public Licence (GPL v3).

I advocate against the use of Digital Restriction Management (DRM) which forces you to pay for a digital product, but takes away control from you how to use it. The Defective by Design campaign explains what is DRM, what is the problem with DRM and what to do eliminate DRM.

I advocate for a fair world where:

  • the workers get paid fairly,
  • the environment is protected
  • the animals are friends not food
  • the minerals in our digital devices are obtained fairly,
  • corporate greed is reined,
  • there is freedom of belief, unlike the forced celebration of Christmas, Good Friday and Easter in most Western countries.
  • there is peace