Affordable law-breaking

Robert Blake, after spending $10 million on his defence against a murder charge, famously said, You’re innocent until proven brokeā€. This observation permeates the Western legal system, in which the only winners are (certainly not the victim) are the lawyers who always get paid. This is not to say that every lawyer is bad or that they do not do some great pro bono work, but the fact that the legal system is so complicated that you need full time guides who dedicate their time finding shortcuts, using (sometime black) magic to achieve strange outcomes.

Breaking the Law

It used to be a right to be tried by a jury, by the ordinary members of the community, for even the smallest law breaking. But since there are so many laws that is no surprise there are so many law breakers. Laws supposed to reflect the morality and the ethical standards of society, but we can see that laws are really slow to follow our evolving consciousness …

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