An act of indecency

An act of indecency is something a right-minded person would consider to be contrary to community standards of decency or, to put it another way, something that offends against the currently accepted standards of decency or contrary to ordinary standards of the morality of a respectable person. These are definitions from various court cases or common law. So (almost) anyone on the street should be able tell you if something is indecent.


Australian law prohibits the commission of acts of indecency and a person committing an act of indecency can be even sent to jail. Examples of this is when somebody exposes their genitalia on the train to others or sends a naked photograph to someone else. Although these are not the most serious offences we certainly do not want to be a victims of them. But seemingly unconsciously we are victims of acts of indecency every day and those guilty of it go unpunished. …

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