The Cost of War

With the renewed push by the leaders (owners) of the USA and the UK to keep the theater of war open in Iraq we must consider how much wars cost us. The British Air Force destroyed a truck with alleged links to ISIS using Brimstone missiles during an “armed reconnaissance mission”. The cost of a Brimstone missile is about £150,000. The Pentagon spent approximately $7 million t$10 million per day since July 2014 to combat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Some may not even know that there is a war in Syria.

Say What Needs to Be Said

Military officials try to justify this aerial warfare by comparing the costs of it to that of the ground warfare. This may remind us of the language used during the early days of the Vietnam war which eventually developed into an all out war using everything even submarines. We still bear the costs of that war: civilian casualties, destroyed villages, veterans with post traumatic stress disorder, victims of Agent Orange and so on. Who could put a price tag on all that suffering? …

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