Bandage over insult

I had enough of a lot of things!!!

I had enough of people who kick and thread on others then believe it is enough to burp out an “apology” to make it right. They believe that the “sorry band aid” will cover the deepest wounds they inflict, with their razor sharp tongues and ill intentions. The wounds which so precisely severed the arteries of the others, by founding the gaps between the plates of the armour of others, covering their weakness, doubts and pain. How could one believe that by aiming for a soft spot and meaning the worst for the other they could get away from that battle actually stronger, not just feeling a false taste of a fleeting “victory”???


I had enough of people pretending to know nothing to manipulate others. I had enough of not regarding the other to say “please”, instead of “can you?” or “it would be great if” …

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Beheading democracy

There was a video showing a beheading of a human being in the Middle-East. It was a man who was born in the United States of America being killed. His brutal death was echoed around the globe. David Cameron, Barack Hussein Obama and other politicians were appearing in the big media condemning this act. The bottom line is that we have been confronted with images of a human being dying.

Say What Needs to Be Said

Death seem to be a very scary thing. Well, not to the dead, but to those who are about to face death and let’s admit, it is every one of us. We are all going to die one day and we have next no no idea what will happen after death. This fear is our weakness, as it leads to hatred of those who may kill us. This fear can be exploited. …

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