A forced hand

You may be concerned about the pending destruction of the world heritage Tasmanian forests. You may be affected by the images of trees being cut down and killed or animals being burned alive because of the industrial firebombing. You may share your views on social media, you may sign a petition. You may want to do more and donate at website of the Bob Brown Foundation. You may even write a letter or an email to Prime Minister Tony Abbott who expressed his frustration about too many of Australia’s forest are locked up in national park hence inaccessible to industrialist, his campaign supporters.

Soul, Mind, Fist

You may attend a demonstration in major city. You may invite your family and friends to that protest. But what if you want to do more? …

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How to “retain” your sanity

We have seen dolphins die. In the same time hundreds and thousands of people died all over this marvelous planet. Some died because of hunger, some were killed by the most extreme form of “research” called war. We could not stop any of this from happening. We were there to do what we could and that we did.

Heart Mind Sanity

I do not know what else you have seen in your life. I have seen people in all sort of situations, some of the were not moving any more, they were dead. …

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