Royal and ungodly lies

We have all seen it on tv and in the papers. Besides the heart wrenching moments of violence, we had to endure the lies and manipulations, the advertisements and the hate-mongering in the media. We may be angry or sad, we may feel that we must do something, but we must be careful. The truth does not come from Jones, Hadley (on this side of the ocean) or O’Reilly (on the other side of the ocean) or from the other Murdoch hench(wo)men, no matter how convincing they may sound.

Say What Needs to Be Said

Source: Wikipedia & Deshamodeh@deviantart

You may feel angry about Monis and what he did, but look around and find the real issues. Monis was highly likely mentally ill, he should have been in a mental health institution getting help. Unfortunately the NSW governments in their eternal (inhumane) wisdom decided to cut the funding to the mental health sector …

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Defense Forces Invading Other Countries

In light of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Pamela Anderson and others raising funds for the Israeli Defense Force we need to examine what is going on during the war of words. The Israeli Defense Force so far invaded and occupied the West Bank, much of the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip and according to the UN the occupation is illegal. It also led to the death of thousands of Palestinians with even more losing their houses and livelihood. In the meantime the Australian Defense Force is continuing to be involved in the air strikes in Northern Iraq and other areas. A bit far from Australia one might think.

Say What Needs to Be Said

Of course the flavour of the last two decade were to blame everything on terrorism. Of course government sponsored terrorism may be OK, as long as it was authorised by a man in a suit, even if it is the approval or even the knowledge of the country that man in the suit claims to rule or lead. The French secret service sunk the Rainbow Warrior, the CIA owned up to the bombing of Cubana Flight 455 …

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Corporations killed Jesus

In a certain holy book a beautiful (and perhaps fictitious) person was killed and while he was being nailed to a cross he only felt compassion and love for the people who were killing him. On another occasion Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple and accused them of turning the temple into a den of thieves, through their commercial activities. According to some he may have even used a whip. Today Jesus would be shot dead by an assassin hired by the big banks & corporations and the government would legalise his murder and would call Jesus a terrorist, who caused job losses.

Giotto: Expulsion of the Money-changers from the Temple

Sounds funny? Not when you look at today’s news. …

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The Cost of War

With the renewed push by the leaders (owners) of the USA and the UK to keep the theater of war open in Iraq we must consider how much wars cost us. The British Air Force destroyed a truck with alleged links to ISIS using Brimstone missiles during an “armed reconnaissance mission”. The cost of a Brimstone missile is about £150,000. The Pentagon spent approximately $7 million t$10 million per day since July 2014 to combat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Some may not even know that there is a war in Syria.

Say What Needs to Be Said

Military officials try to justify this aerial warfare by comparing the costs of it to that of the ground warfare. This may remind us of the language used during the early days of the Vietnam war which eventually developed into an all out war using everything even submarines. We still bear the costs of that war: civilian casualties, destroyed villages, veterans with post traumatic stress disorder, victims of Agent Orange and so on. Who could put a price tag on all that suffering? …

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Bandage over insult

I had enough of a lot of things!!!

I had enough of people who kick and thread on others then believe it is enough to burp out an “apology” to make it right. They believe that the “sorry band aid” will cover the deepest wounds they inflict, with their razor sharp tongues and ill intentions. The wounds which so precisely severed the arteries of the others, by founding the gaps between the plates of the armour of others, covering their weakness, doubts and pain. How could one believe that by aiming for a soft spot and meaning the worst for the other they could get away from that battle actually stronger, not just feeling a false taste of a fleeting “victory”???


I had enough of people pretending to know nothing to manipulate others. I had enough of not regarding the other to say “please”, instead of “can you?” or “it would be great if” …

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Beheading democracy

There was a video showing a beheading of a human being in the Middle-East. It was a man who was born in the United States of America being killed. His brutal death was echoed around the globe. David Cameron, Barack Hussein Obama and other politicians were appearing in the big media condemning this act. The bottom line is that we have been confronted with images of a human being dying.

Say What Needs to Be Said

Death seem to be a very scary thing. Well, not to the dead, but to those who are about to face death and let’s admit, it is every one of us. We are all going to die one day and we have next no no idea what will happen after death. This fear is our weakness, as it leads to hatred of those who may kill us. This fear can be exploited. …

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National Security 2

I do not feel safe. I think we need to spend a whole lot more resources to make me feel safe. I acknowledge that there are inherent dangers in the XXI. century, but I believe my fears are well founded. It is a matter of security. It is the matter of security of the area where we live, our values and our freedoms. It is not national security, it is a matter of Community Security. These things are not compatible.

Community Security

Source: Sentient Monkey

Thinking in artificially created groups or inorganic organisations (aka international or transnational corporations) will surely endanger Community Security. Even the idea of national security will most certainly create barriers between various groups of humans. National security will create “us” and “them”, where “us” must always outgun “them”. …

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Reverse Whale Watching 3

Your eyes are straining over the endless ocean as you are watching, scanning waves after waves, looking at the rips and tides. You are hoping for rain or fog. You are hoping it will get dark early, but this time of the year it is almost never dark. You are hoping for the sky to fall.

Dorsal fin near a killing beach in the Faroe Islands

You want to see nothing. You want to see the empty ocean and not the familiar shapes of dorsal fins …

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A forced hand

You may be concerned about the pending destruction of the world heritage Tasmanian forests. You may be affected by the images of trees being cut down and killed or animals being burned alive because of the industrial firebombing. You may share your views on social media, you may sign a petition. You may want to do more and donate at website of the Bob Brown Foundation. You may even write a letter or an email to Prime Minister Tony Abbott who expressed his frustration about too many of Australia’s forest are locked up in national park hence inaccessible to industrialist, his campaign supporters.

Soul, Mind, Fist

You may attend a demonstration in major city. You may invite your family and friends to that protest. But what if you want to do more? …

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How to “retain” your sanity

We have seen dolphins die. In the same time hundreds and thousands of people died all over this marvelous planet. Some died because of hunger, some were killed by the most extreme form of “research” called war. We could not stop any of this from happening. We were there to do what we could and that we did.

Heart Mind Sanity

I do not know what else you have seen in your life. I have seen people in all sort of situations, some of the were not moving any more, they were dead. …

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