Demanding love and respect 3

The parents yell at their child, “As long as you live under my roof you have to respect me”. During another argument someone says, “I did all these things for you and this is how you show your love and appreciation?” But what is the real issue here???


Nothing is sacred, so we might as well get our sharpest knife and cut right to the bone… Let’s make no assumptions and see where we are with this “love and respect” issue. We (believe) do so much for our loved ones or friends and get nothing in return. …

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When the mind feels its existence is threatened, it uses its self-defense mechanisms to protect itself from the threats. We want to go even further, we try to prepare ourselves for the future threats, hurts and so on. We do our “best” to try to survive, no matter what is the cost: our relationships with other beings (human or non-human), our feelings or even clarity of thought.

Spiritual Elasticity

What are we really doing? What is the reason for all this and the result of all this? Is it even proper to react to images of the possibilities before they become actualities? …

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