Our dead brothers and dying sisters

I am with an aching heart, thinking about you
without ever having a drop of your blood in my veins
i feel you inside me as I am looking at the cosmos
i feel you looking back at ourselves

(in memory of Chief White Cloud and Carl Sagan) …

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Do we own our feelings?

We speak, we analyse, we judge, we compare. We talk about others and ourselves. We step on other people’s feet, we talk about them or their actions and we offend, hurt and upset. Is it really us that does the hurting??? Is it really us that is causing the problems when we talk and question others or their things?


I toned down my voice. I do not criticise, I inquire instead. I do not question the person, I question the action instead. Yet I still manage to cause upset, hurt, pain or confusion. What else can I do if anything??? I can shut the hell up of course, but I am curious or maybe I even care… …

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