The itch to succeed

Do you think it is important to do everything within your power to make sure a child (yours or not) succeeds? Before you answer just think about what is the “everything” that one should do to help a child succeed??? Then you may also want to ponder on is that what is “success” and why do you want someone (else) to succeed?

Show the World

Thank you for setting me free!

Let’s start at the very bottom. Success is subjective and not necessary. Tough? Well, what success mean to you might be absolutely meaningless to someone else. …

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More (on) refugees

Kevin Rudd is hellbent on making Australia look as unappealing to refugees as possible. He’s got a tough competition: the Taliban, people who mutilate women so they can’t feel pleasure, the constant bombardment of Palestine and so on. But why should we even care about refugees? Can we just say, it is not our fault that all those bad things are happening, so why should it be our problem? Well maybe because the people getting killed, mutilated, tortured or otherwise made to suffer are also human beings. Yes, that means part of the same species we belong to. Also if we stand by idle while it is happening we are passively assisting… damn you Albert for pointing that out! That was already an unacceptable excuse during the Nuremberg trial anyway…


That is a hard subject so let’s put all that misery and suffering aside and talk about another group of refugees or soon to be refugees. The environmental refugees. …

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A snowflake in the fire 1

I imagine walking in to Sydney airport and I seeing a group of people with the glasses, sitting on the lounges all over the terminal, reading books and holding drinks or talking among themselves. These people would be activists who support a the man who is currently in exile at the Moscow airport. Some of them could get so used to this situation or are so deeply sympathetic with the man in Moscow, that they practically could live there, while catching every bit of information available about that man and waiting for further revelations about other attempts to erode physical freedom by any government.


The most wanted man who merely liberated some data held in a computer is not a war criminal …

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Addicted & sentenced

We may think ourselves superior to addicts, since we are not addicted to the same things as they are. We may not be addicted to heroin or alcohol, but we certainly have a lot in common with them. If we have a look at “them” and “us” we can clearly see that there are more than striking similarities. Let’s examine them!


So, we both need air, food to live, we both were born to a mother and the father, the blood in our veins is red, although it may contain different substances, and believe it or not, we both need love. Furthermore …

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Demanding love and respect 3

The parents yell at their child, “As long as you live under my roof you have to respect me”. During another argument someone says, “I did all these things for you and this is how you show your love and appreciation?” But what is the real issue here???


Nothing is sacred, so we might as well get our sharpest knife and cut right to the bone… Let’s make no assumptions and see where we are with this “love and respect” issue. We (believe) do so much for our loved ones or friends and get nothing in return. …

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When the mind feels its existence is threatened, it uses its self-defense mechanisms to protect itself from the threats. We want to go even further, we try to prepare ourselves for the future threats, hurts and so on. We do our “best” to try to survive, no matter what is the cost: our relationships with other beings (human or non-human), our feelings or even clarity of thought.

Spiritual Elasticity

What are we really doing? What is the reason for all this and the result of all this? Is it even proper to react to images of the possibilities before they become actualities? …

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Our dead brothers and dying sisters

I am with an aching heart, thinking about you
without ever having a drop of your blood in my veins
i feel you inside me as I am looking at the cosmos
i feel you looking back at ourselves

(in memory of Chief White Cloud and Carl Sagan) …

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Do we own our feelings?

We speak, we analyse, we judge, we compare. We talk about others and ourselves. We step on other people’s feet, we talk about them or their actions and we offend, hurt and upset. Is it really us that does the hurting??? Is it really us that is causing the problems when we talk and question others or their things?


I toned down my voice. I do not criticise, I inquire instead. I do not question the person, I question the action instead. Yet I still manage to cause upset, hurt, pain or confusion. What else can I do if anything??? I can shut the hell up of course, but I am curious or maybe I even care… …

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I have no patience for you!

We have ever said to someone, “I have no patience for you”? Was it because the other person was not listening to our solutions, suggestions and wisdom? Since we know it better as we are seeing others from the outside (not necessarily more objectively), from a different point of view. And they are not listening, but keep doing the bad things to themselves despite our “best” efforts, they are not getting any better. This is frustrating.


We loose patience with loved ones, friends, acquaintance and others when they are not hearing what we are saying. Is it that we do not want to waste more time with them or they are then become unworthy of our efforts? Is it that our time is so valuable we could spend it with more useful things??? …

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One breath at a time 1

Today I am, and for a long time I have been, in a deep and dark ravine. Most of the time I stare at my feet as I hurriedly move on, aimlessly. Thinking. With a bit of doing every now and then. Sometimes I look up and I see distant flashes of light. Maybe there is hope. No. That was nothing more than a flash of lightning generated by my thoughts. I am still locked inside. No way out, it seems.


As I walk I change direction. I walk long miles in the dark. I am not falling over as I have been walking in the dark for so long. I know how to do it. I wish I didn’t. But I walk, this is the only thing I know, this is the only thing I should do, the voices keep telling me… …

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