Living in a box 1

The western societies appear to support and encourage uniqueness, however this uniqueness is only permitted between carefully defined parameters, shapes, colours and sizes. You may even be given the illusion of being able to fight for your rights, such as having long hair, piercings, religion other than the major sects of Christianity or a diet different from the steak, fish & chips and beer guzzling. The illusion is pretty short lived once you notice the “freedoms” you are allowed to have.

Drones in the hive

In a society defined by mass production and mass consumption everything must be streamlined. Not necessarily to achieve the fastest speed, but to stack nicely, to fit into a box.

Young children get blue or pink dresses according to their gender and/or their parents’ preference. They go to school where they must wear uniform to look alike and get taught watered down, over-simplified (like a “smart” phone user interface) curriculum, to make them think alike. This school system, and the Rhodes scholarship, that raped little Tony, Joe and Malcolm and made them into the broken and wounded children they are today.

What do these kids and adults get to eat? Boxed meals, which are not only convenient, but also produce an entire generation of fat kids who, as adults, can eat the “weight-watching” meals. Now this of course does not end here, since the animal exploitation industry (aka livestock industry) turns beautiful chicken into battery hens (male chicks end up in a grinding machines while still alive) and puts the pigs into sow stalls, all box shaped. For the animals and the consumers alike it is from cradle to the grave.

Even the coffins are box shaped and overpriced. Damn it, it became a luxury to die and an opportunity to make a statement with the luxuriousness of the grave sites and mausoleums. Back in the old days the only money required after death was the coins placed in the mouth of the dead for Charon. Now you can have pre-burial insurance, to take care of you when you are dead and pay to bury your corpse. I suppose it is better to donate your body to science, since you can’t take it with you. But the point here is you are not free of your body’s needs even in death.

Of course to be able to afford all these you need to work. Modern men and women or women and men, to satisfy the feminists, work in offices with box shaped cubicles and offices. You have to put on your best smile and your best dress, bought in a mega-giant mall, also shaped like a box, and try to impress and fool everybody with how well you hold yourself together. After work lots of us go home to their shoebox sized and shaped, overpriced and badly build apartments. They open the ice box and take out boxed wine or open the slab of beer and drink yourself silly in front of the telly, with the set top box on top and a spying boxed shaped gaming console underneath.

TVs also come in boxes, like all our marketing suggested wants and needs. They may have become thinner, but the illusion has not changed. We watch rapidly appearing still images and believe it to be moving picture. We absorb everything from the tube, if you even understand the meaning of the tube, since it is so XIXs. But there is progress, now you can watch fake 3D shows with pair glasses and advertising is even more enticing in 3D.

The above makes perfect sense. Money-sense of course. But it is utterly unnatural, un-upgradable (think of your new mobile phone every year or so), unmodifiable with unknown source code (you are not allowed to see the computer code running your car). You do not know the source of your dream possession, the suffering that went into it and the code that runs it. But you can throw all these away. Because boxed life is not natural, it is alter-native.

When you look at a tree or a leaf it may reveal you great knowledge of organisation. When you look at the sunlight through a prism it may whisper you ancient wisdom structures. When you hear the wind you may also feel a scent of the plants. All of this is within you and it is you. Your uniqueness is only defined by your experience. Your appearance, your scars or your smile, is only the surface and hence negligible. Although you can feel it on your skin, the real feeling is beyond the physical senses.

Can you feel a fruit you buy in the supermarket, through the plastic wrap? Even if you could, the shape and size of those are all extremely similar. Waxed shiny with tiny poison particles which would make a bug’s stomach explode, but hey they allegedly safe for you. Instead you could pick your apples, grow them, buy them from a farmer. The farmer is real, his or her apples are naturally different from one another. Just like you.

Remember the limited number of uses for a box. Can you put a vacation with friends or family into a box, with all the colours, taste of a kiss, scent of the flowers into a box? Can you think of all the other things not suitable to be put in a box? Human sensitivity and experience for starters…