Junk Food for the Soul

It is just a process. You open your mouth, take a bit, chew and swallow. Then the things you ate travel down into your stomach and get broken down by the stomach acids into small water-soluble molecules and absorbed into the blood plasma. Just like when you flip through magazines, skimming through website after website, unleashing bits of information which enter into your consciousness whether or not you realise it.

Say What Needs to Be Said

Information surrounds us, like air, like water surrounds and encompasses ocean dwellers. Imagine filtering out tiny useful data planktons from huge gulps of water filled with lots of useless and indigestible things. These pieces of information will have their own life passing through your synapses. They can give you a small tingling feeling as they cruise through the network of your veins and your spinal cord. They can also clog’em up & fill you with envy, hatred, anger & frustration to a point where you are all acidic.

That said, food or something you believe to be food can be destructive too , just like junk information, the type which would fill your stomach up with indigestible plastic, much like a sea bird dying of a belly full of plastic bottle caps, lighters and so on. You may feel you are full, yet yearning for more, overfed but starving to death. We go to bed so full on microwaved dinners and Idols and Seinfelds and Losers and Whoredashians. We can hardly see the other person, in the mirror or on the other side of the bed. We are getting overweight on useless news, while being starved of reality.

And here I am, sipping in a spicy tea of philosophy with a hint of cinnamon/chili comedy. Have some of this, let it sting your tongue as you swallow it. Have some raw cacao nibs with it, bitter and royal, even divine. Would you spit it out because of the bitter taste and go for a “real” chocolate bar? Would you take time to savour the taste, re-train your taste buds and your brain, to understand the benefits of raw facts? Would you stay with it without the added commentary of sugar, corn syrup or fake cherry of shock jocks like Hadley and Jones?

Are we brave enough to discover new sources of foods? Are we brave enough to smell like the new spices we eat and risk loosing some of our “friends” because of it? Are we ready for others, offering us unknown or forgotten herbs from the past of humankind? Am I ready to be ridiculed for chewing on raw carrot/beetroot/zucchine pasta with a dash of Socratic tahini or will I abandoned myself and run to join my drinking buddies in the pub, and play trivia in order to “exercise” my my brain? I am ready to answer the “can you eat xyz?” question coming from mocking lips? Can I become aware of my own ignorance, so I do not respond angrily?

I am ready to clean up my vocabulary. A vocabulary which was filled up with words which were given distorted and dis-empowering meanings. Love which really means addiction, love which really means control, love which really means . Instead I am giving words more real, brave and useful meaning. I want to be a hunter, who has no desire to kill the prey, but to capture the power in his/her being and to take it into myself as a gift from Spirit. I want to become a stalker, sneaking upon the voice inside me, to witness the voice of doubt, fear and criticism instead of making it mine or part of me.

Any thing we allow inside of ourself, be it through my ears or eyes, my mouth or my skin, will have an effect on me. Will I pour coke down my throat or use it as a toilet cleaner? Will I listen to crappy garage bands with passion or the pitch perfect soulless human machine superstars? Both can be done with vastly different outcomes. Now we just need to decide what do we do with this information…

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