Holier than Thou

A few days ago a homeless man was arrested after he punched a baby in the face. The “news” outlets such as the Telegraph and 7 sensationalised the incident in no time, as the “public has the right to know”. So we are being told a version of the “news” using language to affect our most guttural instincts, to provoke anger, self-righteousness and the feeling that we are better than the alleged perpetrator, because we are different.


Source: CĂ©line Barthonnat

Indeed we are different. We walk past people like Nicholas Bolas on the street every day, while frustratedly punching mobile devices. We just do not pay attention to them at the moment. We are different because we do not stink. God forbid we do not want to smell any other human, only through the chemically engineered smells we wear. We have clothing which is in better condition. It may have been made in a country famous for human rights abuses, but it is of better quality and it even have a label attached to it. Such as Abercrombie & Fitch, whose CEO do not want their clothes to be worn by “fat or ugly people” and who rather burn their clothes than to give them to homeless people. We have money because we have a job. We listened to our parents then to politicians and advertisements. We have learned our history lessons from reputable sources, such as the Telegraph and 7. We think we are better, but we are only different. Indifferent.

We allowed governments to increase spending on warfare, not community health programs. We allowed governments to close down mental health hospitals, homeless shelters. We allowed the “news” outlets to sell us garbage news. While we are reading some shady and manipulative article about this “crime” we are encouraged to read “Nine tips from a young property tycoon”. Which is perhaps a gentle reminder we must generate enough income so we do not have to end up like Nicholas Bolas. We quickly jump on the social networking websites and hastily like anything that condemns Niholas Bolas and what he did. We had a proper upbringing, we were lucky to have had a better environment to grow up in, we have the right to condemn such acts. Or so we believe.

The behaviour cannot be condoned, but the underlying issue must be understood in order to arrive at a just solution. Nicholas Bolas suffers from acute psychosis. He was involuntarily admitted to the St Vincent’s Hospital on 5 May and he was discharged on 13 May. Have they cured him of his illness in that short amount of time??? If yes they must be magicians, faith healers maybe they can walk on water. Or maybe he was given a handful of drugs then wished good luck and told to leave, due to bed/funding shortage. Perhaps we have a some to do with this and a some to do about this.

Could we walk around with our eyes open, without our view obstructed by a mobile device and notice the human tragedy behind the screen? Could we even comprehend what is going on inside the mind of a human being with mental illness? We barely know or understand what goes on inside our own minds. So instead of swallowing the processed, regurgitated and nutrition deprived “news” to overwhelm our senses we must clear our hearts to be able to see what is important. That French dude who wrote about that little alien coming to Earth got it right…