How to “retain” your sanity

We have seen dolphins die. In the same time hundreds and thousands of people died all over this marvelous planet. Some died because of hunger, some were killed by the most extreme form of “research” called war. We could not stop any of this from happening. We were there to do what we could and that we did.

Heart Mind Sanity

I do not know what else you have seen in your life. I have seen people in all sort of situations, some of the were not moving any more, they were dead. …

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I have no patience for you!

We have ever said to someone, “I have no patience for you”? Was it because the other person was not listening to our solutions, suggestions and wisdom? Since we know it better as we are seeing others from the outside (not necessarily more objectively), from a different point of view. And they are not listening, but keep doing the bad things to themselves despite our “best” efforts, they are not getting any better. This is frustrating.


We loose patience with loved ones, friends, acquaintance and others when they are not hearing what we are saying. Is it that we do not want to waste more time with them or they are then become unworthy of our efforts? Is it that our time is so valuable we could spend it with more useful things??? …

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Bittersweet truth

One of my colleagues saw me eating raw cacao beans the other day. She asked me what it was, why was I eating it and if she could have one. I told her cacao is a superfood, it has the highest concentration of anti-oxidants and I offered her a few. After she chewed on one she spat it out, went to buy a “normal” chocolate and said cacao tasted terrible unlike “real” chocolate. She asked me how can I like something that bitter?


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Si vis pacem, para bellum 1

How an earth are we to live in peace in a world where there is conflict, doubt and self-assertion? Which peace is more important: the world-peace or the peace in one’s heart? Should we wait until the world around us settled down before we sort ourselves out?

Si vis pacem, para bellum

Source: Flickr

A war is coming. There are troops moving everywhere. …

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Anger, the dog 1

It happens from time to time. We thought we chained it, locked it up, but that dog again managed to break free and tear apart our day. How do we control it? Can we even control it?


© Photo by hungarovet @ Flickr

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Control 1

What are our feelings in relation to this word: control? Is it good or bad, is it oppressive or liberating? Let’s find out.

When we are reading a newspaper and see the word control we often see it in relation to the government or other authority seeking to increase their power and limit someone else’s liberty. But control can be different. …

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