Beheading democracy

There was a video showing a beheading of a human being in the Middle-East. It was of a man who was born in the United States of America being killed. His brutal death was echoed around the globe. David Cameron, Barack Hussein Obama and other politicians were appearing in the big media condemning this act. The bottom line is that we have been confronted with images of a human being dying.

Say What Needs to Be Said

Death seem to be a very scary thing. Well, not to the dead, but to those who are about to face death and let’s admit, it is every one of us. We are all going to die one day and we have next no no idea what will happen after death. This fear is our weakness, as it leads to hatred of those who may kill us. This fear can be exploited.

The governments and the big media were all crying out, trying desperately to use the images of the death of Steven Sotloff and James Foley as a means to rally us to support their warmongering. Or to be more precise their feeble attempt to bend our yearning and will for peace to their and their corporate masters’ agenda.

I am saddened by the death of ANY human being. I am saddened by the civilian casualties of the bombs dropped by the warplanes of the USA or the UK or Israel. I am saddened to see dead, brainwashed young soldiers lying on the battlefields or the invaded cities, instead of pursuing peaceful plans for the future of every Earthling. The difference is that the images of dead Palestinian, Iraqi, Afghan children, women and other civilians do not make it to the big screen. The images of starving humans all over the world do not make it to big media as often as the beheading and it is not because we keep visiting video-sharing websites to satisfy a morbid curiosity.

Have you heard about the death of Mohammed bin Bakr al-Alawi? He was beheaded in Saudi Arabia in August, among 18 other persons. What is the difference between deaths? Is it that we know the name of the dead? Is it that we can identify with them and fear their demise might become ours, what happened to them may happen to us? Is it that our petty fear of death leads us to loose our focus on the real and present danger of alcohol abuse, nicotine addiction, obesity, domestic violence, the pollution of the environment and subsequently our food and even traffic accidents?

What is the difference between the man who held the knife which ended the life of the American journalist and Barack Hussein Obama, who signed orders to continue using missiles deployed by drones to kill suspected terrorists and in the process innocent civilians? At the end of the day those people are dead. A knife kills one at a time, while a missile kills many.

Not showing or even talking about the 19 beheading in August 2014 in Saudi Arabia and suppressing the images of the dead civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and even the dead US soldiers is what I call the beheading of democracy. Powerful individuals and corporations own and control the press and apparently presidents and prime ministers. This is how countries are forced into wars, without the consent of the citizens of those countries.

The media is then used to manufacture consent for the war which is already on the way. We have seen the speeches of Hitler and Obama. There is no difference, since the result of their speeches were dead brainwashed soldiers and innocent civilians, invasion of countries and suppression of civil rights. Hitler had the SA and the SS, Obama on the other hand militarises the US police, giving them armoured trucks, sniper rifles and so on in the amount of $420 million just last year. That is how you see police snipers covering an unarmed crowd in Fergusson.

Even a funny and spiritual human being such as Russell Brand is a better source of news than CNN, Fox and the likes…

I encourage you to challenge every one of my assertions here and do your own research on the internet.

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