How to stop a punch? 2

I am bamboozled by the stupidity of the response we conjured up to alcohol (a drug) fueled violence and the resistance of the drug (alcohol) dealers. The drug dealers are saying early lockouts, the cutting of trading ours will be ineffective, but it will wither away their profit. They are saying it is not their fault, they are only cashing in on this so called “culture” of binge drinking. They merely supplying what is in demand.

Say What Needs to Be Said

And they are right, they are telling a partial truth… …

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Child Abuse 1

The other day I went to Dr Earth in Newtown to buy some healthy food and I saw something surprising there: a proof of child abuse. It is a surprising place to find evidence of such a heinous act, but that what’s happened to me. I was looking for some fluoride-free toothpaste when I saw it. I was stunned, surprised and disappointed. It was not healthy, in fact it was downright scary.

Child abuse

It appears that we have been conditioned enough by the corporate media and advertisement that we do not recognise seemingly obvious child abuse. …

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