Bittersweet truth

One of my colleagues saw me eating raw cacao beans the other day. She asked me what it was, why was I eating it and if she could have one. I told her cacao is a superfood, it has the highest concentration of anti-oxidants and I offered her a few. After she chewed on one she spat it out, went to buy a “normal” chocolate and said cacao tasted terrible unlike “real” chocolate. She asked me how can I like something that bitter?


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Unprocessed god (raw life)

Is it possible that we take and use something as it is, without processing, modifying or interpreting it? Is it possible to take a bite out of the raw life? To really mean and eat what we are, we better simplify.

Open up any “holy” book and you shall find definitions, commandments, laws, interpretations, but not life itself. Words become coloured glass, through which we interpret, label and look at life. This includes our thoughts, feelings and food.

If I bite into an apple I do not want to taste wax… …

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