Si vis pacem, para bellum 1

How an earth are we to live in peace in a world where there is conflict, doubt and self-assertion? Which peace is more important: the world-peace or the peace in one’s heart? Should we wait until the world around us settled down before we sort ourselves out?

Si vis pacem, para bellum

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A war is coming. There are troops moving everywhere. …

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The soft stuff 2

My father told me once, “To tell a woman everything about yourself is weakness”. For a long while I believed him. I did not know any better. He did not know any better. I walked on the street trying to look tough, trying to feel I am stronger, better and all the rest. Until one day…

Years ago I got a wakeup call in the middle of the day. …

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Anger, the dog 1

It happens from time to time. We thought we chained it, locked it up, but that dog again managed to break free and tear apart our day. How do we control it? Can we even control it?


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A death you own

f someone’s father has just died we say that “his/her father’s death” did this or that to that person. When we are saying that do we mean that his/her father actually owned his death? Is it the same as “my life” or “your life”? Is it that we claim a slice of the big Life and we believe it to be ours and by using the same point of view we think we own death?

How we live “our” life defines “our” death or “My lifestyle determines my deathstyle” …

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Control 1

What are our feelings in relation to this word: control? Is it good or bad, is it oppressive or liberating? Let’s find out.

When we are reading a newspaper and see the word control we often see it in relation to the government or other authority seeking to increase their power and limit someone else’s liberty. But control can be different. …

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The Wrong Question

How is it possible that on some levels our consciousness evolves fast while on others it is far behind? We started noticing the suffering of other human beings yet on the other side we stuff pieces of another sentient being in our mouths. It is simply possible by asking the wrong question. …

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Message to the One Who Lives

No matter what happens to others you have to live with that. Humans born, live and die. This is life and part of it is death, not the end just different state. You may interpret it as “matter never gets lost it is merely being transformed” or to be more precise it is the energy. If you want to make your life easier then spend the rest of the days the best you can. This is something you can do.

One must know one’s limits. You cannot feed all the hungry, you cannot stop every bullet, you cannot save all the whales and solve others’ problems and you cannot change others. But you can choose how you interpret life and how you live it. …

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